Faculty & Research Team

With the support of Deans Nitin Nohria (HBS) and Bridget Terry Long (HGSE), faculty members research and study management challenges in urban public schools. PELP's faculty and research team includes:


John J-H Kim (Co-Chair)
Senior Lecturer of Business Administration and William Henry Bloomberg Fellow
Harvard Business School

Andres Alonso (Co-Chair)
Visiting Professor of Practice
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Karen Mapp 
Senior Lecturer on Education
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Monica Higgins 
Kathleen McCartney Professor of Education Leadership
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Michael L. Tushman
Paul R. Lawrence MBA Class of 1942 Professor of Business Administration
Chair, Program for Leadership Development
Harvard Business School

Consulting Faculty

Allen Grossman
Senior Fellow, MBA Class of 1957 Professor of Management Practice, Retired
Harvard Business School

Susan Moore Johnson 
Jerome T. Murphy Research Professor in Education
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Senior Project Manager

Matt Tallon
Public Education Leadership Project




Currently, the PELP project is partnered with Ed.L.D. doctoral students but no full-time research assistants.