For Superintendents

Want to Start a Partnership with PELP?

PELP works with U.S. large urban school district systems usually for periods of at least three consecutive years focused on strategic problems of practice. If you are interested in partnering with PELP, please email us at or call us at 617.496.1819.

Want to Have a PELP Case Study set in your District?

Case studies artist rendering
Credit: Daniel Vasconcellos

PELP case studies illuminate systems-level leadership challenges in large urban districts. Case study research is generally a series of one-on-one interviews with the people who have envisioned the district transformation and the people who have been responsible for planning, implementing, and evolving the change from the systems level down to the classroom. They are recorded conversations about their personal work, experiences, and reflections that tend to be thoughtful conversations that start with a core group of questions but also evolve based on the content of the discussion. Great case studies emerge when interviewees are willing to be open, candid, and self-critical. Case studies are meant to be teaching and learning tools - pieces of valuable curriculum which surface a dilemma or set of decisions for classroom discussion - and are not meant to be used as publicity articles. If you are interested in having a case study written in your district, please email us at or call us at 617.496.1819.

How to Get an Ed.L.D. Resident in your District?

Dia BryantCurrent Ed.L.D. partners include school systems, nonprofit organizations, mission-based for-profit organizations, and government agencies. All partners agree to work in collaboration with HGSE and with one another to foster systemic change in American education, in pursuit of one common goal: ensuring that every child has the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential. By hosting a resident, partners agree to work with an Ed.L.D. student for ten months in accordance with a set of expectations. The Ed.L.D. Program, the partner organization and the resident collectively build a successful residency, with emphasis on the resident’s leadership development and contributions to the site and the education sector. Please contact Matthew Rose with your interest. 

How does PELP connect to the Urban Superintendents Program (USP) Alumni Network?

Almi Abeyta
Almi Abeyta, USP Alumnus, Superintendent, Chelsea Public Schools

For 20 years from 1990 to 2010, the Harvard Urban Superintendents Program (USP) was recognized as the nation's premier program for providing innovative training for aspiring superintendents to lead urban school districts. Many USP alumni are leaders in school districts across the country. Jen Cheatham and Drew Echelson are both USP alumni, former district superintendents, current HGSE faculty, and leaders of the PELP Project and Ed.L.D. program respectively. PELP welcomes interest from USP alumni currently working in districts to engage with our project.


How does PELP connect to the Doctor of Education Leadership (Ed.L.D.) Alumni Network?

Keri Randolph
Keri Randolph - Ed.L.D. Cohort 8

The Ed.L.D. Network aspires to be a collaborative and supportive community that provides a safe space for members to grapple together with problems of practice that they face in their work. The Network actively seeks to provide opportunities to facilitate personal and professional connections that will stimulate learning and further the work of improving equity and excellence in American education. PELP offers learning opportunities to Ed.L.D. students while on campus and then welcomes them back with their district teams as participants in PELP programming such as the summer institute.